Cutting Medicare


Eventually, Medicare will be cut. One way or another, there are going to be a lot of old people without health insurance.

Plan A, the democrat plan, is to do nothing. One day, very soon, this will mean there is not enough money for people on Medicare. This means that they don’t get cared for. Either their benefits get cut, doctors stop providing Medicare, or something worse. Oh, by the way, when this plan fails, it’s going to be George Bush’s fault.

Plan B, the republican plan, is to reformulate Medicare into a sustainable program. That means, the amount of money collected today is enough to fund the program in perpetuity. It’s the same formula that your insurance company uses, or that your retirement program uses. The one drawback of this plan is that eventually democrats will get in control of congress again, pilfer the free cash flow used to keep the program solvent, and turn the program back into Plan A.

Plan C, the libertarian plan, is to end the farce altogether. Stop collecting Medicare taxes, and stop paying our Medicare benefits. Tell the old people that they never had any coverage because government is too incompetent to do that sort of thing. Tell the young people to stop planning on Medicare in the future. Turn over the care of the elderly back to the free market, where doctors, patients, hospitals, retirement funds, and charities can figure out how to allocate the limited resources of the real world in the most efficient and effective way possible, by free choice and independence.

I don’t believe Plan A or Plan B is a good idea. We’ve seen that they both don’t work in the long run. No matter what you do to get a Plan B, the democrats screw it up, often with the help of the republicans, and turn it back into Plan A.

How do we shift political opinion so that everyone wants Plan C? I think there are a few ways.

First, we can emphasize the fact that Medicare is already bankrupt. There is not enough money in the whole world to pay for the program as it exists today. When you go to collect your Medicare, they are just going to pull the money out of your other pocket. When your other pocket runs out of money, they are going to blame George Bush. Even if you are receiving Medicare benefits today, it’s not going to last for long.

Next, we can emphasize the incompetence of the system. Medicare barely works because of medical rationing and senseless regulation. Have people ask their doctor whether they are recommending procedures, tests, and surgeries because it is best in their professional opinion, or because that’s the way Medicare works. Ask if you were paying out of pocket what they would do differently, and how much less they could charge.

We can focus on individuals who have been screwed by the Medicare system. There are not a few. The rules and regulations are so strange that whole encyclopedias would do no justice to the absurdity of it all.

Then we can compare Medicare with socialism in general. Socialism gives us the VA hospitals. Socialism gives us public schools. Socialism gives us everything that the Soviet Union had, with a friendly smile from Uncle Sam after we get kicked in the ribs with his iron boot. We are not socialists! We did not come into this world with our hand sticking out, and we don’t plan on leaving that way either. We will pay for what we use, and make sure doctors and hospitals get paid for what they do because that is who we are. Socialism is everything that the greatest generation is not.

Finally, we can emphasize the corruption. The reason why the drug companies make so much money is because they can extort the money from the American taxpayers via Medicare. If their drug gets approved and put on the Medicare plan, they are set for life, because they can charge as much as they want. Medicare is also a tool used by politicians to buy votes. At the same time, they are milking the system dry, lying to those same voters about what they are doing. And most especially, the corrupt are attracted to piles of money the same way flies swarm piles of crap. Medicare is a feeding ground for maggots and worms. If we simply allowed that money to stay spread out among the people, that corruption would disappear.

I stand, solidly, for health care for everyone. However, I do not stand behind Medicare, which is a farce and a scam. Medical care is created by doctors, hospitals, and drug companies, and the price is moderated by what the people can afford to pay. Allowing government to interfere in this process, which drives value to the most valuable things, and stops leaks and corruption like a styptic pencil on a razor cut, is to thwart all the advances of the past 200 years in medicine.


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