Health Care Reform Even Massachusetts Will Like


So, the ObamaCare bill is dead, or dying, depending on how you see it. Maybe it will have one last gasp of life as they try to attach it to a budget or some such. I doubt they’ll succeed with that, though.

But more importantly, where to from here?

Any reform should first lie within the strict scope of the constitution and deliver greater liberty to the people. Obviously, socialism is out of the question since it relies on taking away liberty and giving a little back in exchange.

First is to allow people to purchase health care across state borders. This will instantly open up 50 markets to 50 existing markets, introducing greater competition. This will, inevitably, lead to a cheaper product with higher quality. But why stop at our nation’s borders? Allow Americans to buy foreign health insurance and get the benefits of allowing our people to participate in a marketplace with no borders at all.

Next is to deregulate the health care industry at the national level. The federal government shouldn’t be involved in telling individuals what drugs they can and can’t take and how they can organize themselves into health care and insurance companies. Let businesses pay for and obtain their own certifications, just like other industries do today. Let the states regulate their own industries in the way they see fit. It’s simply not a federal matter.

The federal government can also rework the tax code to eliminate the tax advantage of buying health care from your employer. The best way to do this is to allow people to take home more salary, buy health care with that, and still earn the same and pay the same in taxes. Another alternative is to simplify the tax code by eliminating tax breaks for health care and simply lower everyone’s taxes altogether. The end result should be the same; It makes no sense to limit your health options to the ones your employer allows.

The above three things should do more to expand the health options of all Americans, while reducing costs to the bare minimum for all. With health care costing less, everything else will cost less as well. With health care costs lowered to rock-bottom prices, we can ensure that even the poorest among us can afford health care, or at the very least, our charities can easily assist them.

Congress can pass a spending bill that gives no allowance for health care to any employee, elected or otherwise, of the federal government. Instead, congressmen and other employees and officials will have to use their own salary to buy their own health care from the same source that everyone else has to buy their health care — the free, unsubsidized marketplace. This will bring congress and the people back to parity.

Soldiers injured in combat should be written a check. That money is used to buy medical care through the free market from the world’s best medical system in the world. Don’t constrain our soldiers to use the VA hospital system. In fact, we should simply give our soldiers enough money so that they can buy catastrophic health insurance should they get injured on the battlefield or during their training. I am sure soldiers would appreciate having the option to purchase from any medical insurance plan, just like private citizens can.

Congress can pass a law allowing people to permanently opt-out of Medicare, and guaranteeing that no taxes will be spent keeping Medicare afloat. Instead, Medicare expenses will have to match receipts. If it runs out of money, it runs out of money. The very fact that Medicare cannot survive without subsidies is a testament to its inefficiencies. No other health care system could hope to survive in such a manner. Our elderly deserve health care that is more valuable than what it cost to obtain.

But let’s not stop there. By increasing the productivity of the American economy, we can help people earn enough money to buy the most advanced health care imagined. To do so, let’s dramatically reduce regulation, government spending, government borrowing, and taxes. With a free economy that produces the wealthiest people on the earth, there should be no limits to what kinds of health care ordinary people can buy. After all, a few generations ago it was unimaginable that everyone, from the poor to the rich, would own their own automobile. We can do the same with medicine if we apply the same formula of free market economics.


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