Judicial Fight Looming


One of the hallmarks of the Bush Presidency is the disgusting opposition tactics the senate democrats employed to stall his judicial nominees. Among them, they used the filibuster, which was never used to stall a judicial appointment.

Today, Pres. Obama has the possibility of choosing another supreme court justice. There are also several positions throughout the judiciary that remain empty despite President Bush’s nominations.

Some people are calling for some sort of reconciliation and peace treaty. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is wise.

The democrats have so violated any kind of trust we might have in any sort of promise, especially regarding judicial fights, that we cannot now acquiesce to any of their demands in the expectation that they would honor ours. Any promise they make is shallow and dishonest.

Instead, I call on senate republicans to stand firm and employ any and every tactic to keep President Obama’s nominees out of the court system. This includes the tactics of “Borking” and the filibuster. Without 60 votes, no Obama nominee will even get a vote.

The American people want and demand a constructionist judiciary. We don’t want our laws to change except when our legislators change them. And we certainly don’t want the constitution to have different meanings for different people. There is a process for changing laws and constitutions, and it doesn’t involve the courts.

Senate republicans should apply a strict litmus test. If a judicial nominee wants to be on the Supreme Court, or any inferior court, they must exemplify the constructionist judicial philosophy. If they don’t, then the senate republicans should employ every means possible to block the candidate, and simultaneously educate the American public on why they believe that particular nominee doesn’t belong in any federal court. As long as they combine a solid defense of their ideals with a solid explanation of that defense, they can win every political battle every time.

We should never compromise our judicial integrity ever again. We should not seek a “balance” on the courts, only ensure that all judges are constructionist.

As part of this new “war” with the left, we should also take a new action. The House of Representatives should impeach, immediately, any judge who fails to uphold the high standards of strict constructionism. If the constitution doesn’t allow it, and I believe it does, then we should specifically pass an amendment, or begin a major national campaign to ask for such an amendment. This will ensure that the people can trust the courts, because those justices and judges in the courts with whom the people regard as non-constructionist may be removed from office.


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