This is What a “Rich” Church Does


The LDS Church is quietly, but actively helping in Haiti. The Church, along with other organizations, was among the first responders. (link)

Notice the tail end of the article. The Church isn’t interested in just meeting people’s needs. We want to make people self-reliant. When we leave Haiti, I guarantee you the people we served will be better off than they were before the earthquake. Maybe they will have less, but they will know how to create more for themselves.

No, the Church cannot be everywhere at all times. There are children starving all over the world that the Church cannot get to either due to political reasons (like North Korea) or due to limits on the resources of the Church.

Yes, 100% of the money and goods the Church receives for the purpose of helping the needy goes to helping the needy. The overhead is absorbed by the Church’s operations budget from tithing.

I respect any church that takes serving the needy seriously. This is one of the primary missions of the Church, in addition to proclaiming the gospel and perfecting the members. It should be one of the primary missions of any church that professes helping those who need help.

Question: How many people does the Church and churches like us help to become self-reliant? How many people do all the governments of the world help to become self-reliant? Next time you are thinking of expanding government to serve the poor and sick, consider whether leaving the money in the pockets of the religious is actually a better investment for the poor.


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