Voting “NO” on school levies and bonds


I’m absolutely disgusted.

The Tacoma School District has just asked me for roughly 2% of my salary more so that they could teach my children.

This is a farce. They haven’t taught my kids. I teach my kids. They come home from school, do their silly homework assignments, and then they do the school work I assign them.

If our schools were actually teaching children, I don’t think I would have a problem parting with the money. But they aren’t. Our schools are failing. The entire system is failing. Students who need an education aren’t getting one, and students who would get educated anyway are doing worse than they would otherwise.

I don’t blame the teachers, administrators, school boards, parents, or legislators for these failures. I blame socialism—the system whereby our schools are administered. When you have people who can’t care decide how to spend money that isn’t theirs, you get bad results for a high price.

Put parents in charge of their own child’s education. Let them spend their own money on their own kids. Make them own their choice, and let them take responsibility if things go bad so they can set it right. No one can hope to care for any child as much as the child’s parent. If the parent doesn’t care, take the kid away and give the kid to someone who will care.

If they don’t have enough money, find innovative ways to increase the efficiency of the schools so that they can afford an education. We’ve fed the poor until they are fat by making food so cheap they can stuff their faces full and walk down the street with a girth that would make any English king cower. We can do the same with education and health care if we allow market forces to go to work for us instead of against us.

If they still don’t have enough money, and you feel sad about that, write a check for 2% of YOUR salary to your local school. Or 10%. Or  100%. It’s your money, spend it however you wish. I can’t stop you.

Don’t force me to write a check for something I am already providing for my children. Don’t double tax me to fund something that is broken.

Don’t make me pay so that you can feel good about yourself.


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