Thank you, Detractors


I wish to express, without sarcasm or any kind of impoliteness, my sincere gratitude to those of you who disagree with me and engage in the debates we have in the comments. I enjoy debating, and I don’t mind looking like a fool to take my pleasure.

My only wish is that I could present these debates to our readers with more clarity. Suggestions are welcome, along with criticisms.

I believe that what divides left from right in the United States is the thing that make America great. In other words, the very fact that we don’t agree is the reason why the United States is #1 in the world. We may disagree, and yet we live, work, and worship together.

Whatever differences we have, we all agree on a few fundamental truths, though. Among them is mutual respect and general loving-kindness as the highest ideals. Through debate and engagement, we can actually come closer and agree to move forward in those areas where we agree. At the very least, perhaps we can convince a few of their absurdity or just vent our steam.

I hope I am treating you with respect and allowing you to present your arguments in a way you feel is proper. Yes, I enforce some limits, especially due to length and occasionally, foul content. You may never see the content I never ran with, and I may never remember what I’ve deleted over the years.

Use this post as a way to encourage me to do better, or tell the world how terrible a host I am.


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