Dangerous to Whom?


Gateway Pundit has the skinny on an anti-Tea Party website claiming that the Tea Part is Over. (link) Of course, it’s funded by Barack Obama’s thugs, the SEIU.

Their mission is to ensure that the Tea Party’s “dangerous ideas” don’t get legislative traction.

“Dangerous ideas?” Which ideas, exactly, are dangerous?

Is it dangerous to allow the people to keep more of the money they break their back to earn?

Is it dangerous to stop the government from bankrupting our country?

Is it dangerous to say the correct way of dealing with an economic crisis is not with a socialist takeover of our economy?

Dangerous to whom?

I understand the frustration on the left. Their entire worldview and paycheck depends on bilking as much money as possible out of the working class’ pockets. The SEIU is one giant political organization who is funded by the common laborers across our country, and who use their money and political power to extract even more money. The Democratic Party wins elections by buying votes with the taxpayer’s money. These people can’t live without feeding on our food and sucking our life energy away.

Yes, our ideas are dangerous. They are dangerous the same way penicillin is dangerous to harmful microbes, or deworming medication is dangerous to intestinal worms. Our ideas are dangerous to bureaucrats, union thugs, wannabe socialist dictators and the cockroaches that live in the shadows of Washington D.C.


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