My Reaction to Obama’s State of the Union Address


I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

I especially love the joke where he says he’s going to balance the budget—next year! Hahah!

And the one where he says there’s a consensus on global warming!

Obama has some of the best comedy writers in the industry. It was much funnier than anything I’ve seen in any movie this year, or on any TV show.

But Obama has perfected the deadpan expression, too. When he says things like he’ll solve today’s financial crisis by balancing the budget next year, it almost seems like he actually believes it.

What’s especially funny is the way no one, on any side of the political spectrum believes anything he said. I mean, the left worked hard to make people believe President Bush was a liar, but with Obama, he’s done more to make people believe the president is a liar than anyone could’ve accomplished in a thousand years of smear tactics.


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