Dear Representative,


Dear Representative,

As you come to debate and pass the budget for the federal government, may I draw your attention to several uncomfortable facts.

  1. We are working our way into slavery through debt.
  2. We are over-taxing our economy, and paying for it with unemployment and poverty.
  3. We are paying people not to work in the economy with socialist policies, rather than paying people to protect our fundamental, unalienable rights.
  4. We are unlikely to ever  see a dime of the Medicare and Social Security taxes we are paying today because these two programs are no longer solvent.
  5. Article 1, Section 8 lists specific things that Congress can do, and nowhere is Congress allowed to do anything more.

I suggest a budget dramatically different from any budget we’ve seen in a hundred years, and completely opposite of what President Obama is proposing.

First, I’d like to see dramatic, deep, and painful cuts in spending. All socialist programs must be ended, immediately. Any money that is spent that doesn’t directly implement one of the few items in Article 1, Section 8 must immediately be removed from the federal budget. The only programs that the federal government should finance are the military and judicial systems.

Second, I’d like to see the tax code dramatically simplified and applied equally to all Americans. No longer should we tax the “rich” at one rate and the “poor” at another rate. Let everyone pay the same rate. Taxes discourage the behavior they tax. We can no longer afford to tax behavior that produces wealth and jobs.

Third, I’d like to see the federal government stop borrowing money immediately. We are not in an expensive war. We cannot borrow our way to prosperity. Shut down the Fed, and have congress print enough money each year to cover economic growth. That money can be used to replace tax revenue in financing the federal budget.

Finally, I’d like to see regulation by bureaucracy end immediately. Only those laws passed by congress, in accordance with Article 1, Section 8, should have any effect. All other regulations and laws should be immediately revoked. This will dramatically decrease the cost of doing business in America.

The above reforms are only dramatic because we have pursued a course of socialist policies for the past hundred years. Federal budgets before this turn towards tyranny were dramatically leaner and much more disciplined.

We can have a federal government that doesn’t need to enslave ourselves and our posterity to massive debt. You can be the voice of reason, and you can work with others to see that government spending is dramatically cut, today.

Sincerely, Jonathan Gardner


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