Tea Party people, listen up.

If you’re going to take on the Republican Party to eliminate its progressive proclivities, you have to organize yourselves. Get behind a single candidate, finance him, and then have him win the Republican Party primary.

In order to do so, you have to choose a good candidate to get behind. At the very least, give everyone a say in who the candidate should be, with the understanding that whomever is chosen, they will be the person you support.

How do you choose a candidate? With a pre-primary.

You don’t have to be terribly organized to get a pre-primary going. Here are two ways.

One, get leaders of the tea party movement into a room. Have them nominate potential candidates. Then duke it out until you have a vote. Keep voting until one of the candidates gets a majority vote. That will be your candidate. By voting again and again until someone gets a majority vote, you ensure that the candidate you choose at least represents a majority of the people. You also give a chance to Dark Horse candidates, candidates that normally wouldn’t have won a straight-up race but do a better job representing the majority interests than any other candidate.

How do you choose leaders? There are several ways to do this. Have them come with endorsements. Every hundred endorsements earns them a vote at the table. This way, people who are endorsed by a large number get more say than those representing a few people. These endorsements should be signed by people who believe in smaller government and a return to constitutional values. Anyone, republican or democrat, libertarian or whatever, should be allowed to sign, as long as that’s what they represent.

Allow the nomination convention to boot out people they feel don’t belong. This is a drastic measure, but if someone is causing a problem or if it’s clear that they don’t represent people who want smaller government, then don’t allow them to participate.

These kinds of meetings are what republican leaders and democratic leaders all over the country do, except there are far fewer participants and much more smoke. You don’t have the luxury of following behind some aristocratic party leader.

Once you’ve chosen your candidate, announce it far and wide. Tell the tea party people that you need money, volunteers, and support. The more money you get before the primaries, the better chance you have of winning.


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