I-960, Adios!


Tim Eyman called it. The legislature, controlled by democrats, have completely repealed I-960. (link)

I-960 had two important parts. The first part required that every tax increase be approved either by 2/3rds of the legislature, or by a majority of the legislature and a majority vote of the people. Of course, there is no way Washington State is going to approve even higher taxes, so the legislature simply repealed I-960.

I-960 also had a “sunshine” clause that required legislators to honestly assess the real cost of taxes and show that to the people. They got rid of this as well, since sunshine is always bad for a democrat.

I want you to do something a little different this year.

First, support the opponent to the democrats from your district with money, time, and your free speech. Make sure that whoever runs against the democrats will pledge, unequivocally, to not only reinstate I-960, but propose it as a constitutional amendment. Make them tell you, loudly and clearly, that Washington State needs a smaller state government, and that they will actually cut spending by eliminating programs that we don’t need.

Second, support I-1053 at http://www.voterswantmorechoices.com/ with your money and time.

We need a legislature that supports our initiatives. The democrats are not worthy to serve us because they consistently and predictably overturn our initiatives.


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