Social Security Double Tax


Social Security, in 2010, is now bankrupt. Yep, there is not enough money going in to support the money going out.

Of course, the Social Security program isn’t going away. No, no, no! Why, the federal budget Barack Obama proposed is going to take even more money from our pockets to support the program.

It’s too bad, really. We should have seen this coming the first time it became apparent that this Ponzi Scheme was not going to be solvent in the long run.

But Social Security was never about giving money to old people, or ensuring that everyone has a nice retirement account.

No, it was about taking cash from the American worker to spend for reelection campaigns. The cash flowed from our pockets, through the Social Security Administration, through Congress, and out to political supporters of whoever was in office.

Social Security is already failed. There is NO WAY we will ever see the money. I’ve received a letter from the Social Security Administration telling me that before I retire, unless something drastic happens, I cannot expect even 75% of my money to be there for me.

We have a choice. Either we can continue to pay into Social Security with a double tax—once from the Social Security tax and twice with the income tax—and perhaps prop it up a little longer. Or we can shut it down TODAY.

I vote we shut it down TODAY.

I feel sad for all the people who depend on their Social Security check. But unfortunately, there is no money in the program anymore. Just like all the poor people who were taken in with a Ponzi Scheme, there is no way to make restitution to them.

The best course of action is to come clean, announce what has really happened, and have the American people, the most generous people in the entire history of the world, step forward to help the elderly.

After all, we trusted the federal government to run the system, and look what they did. Shame on them for lying to the retirees.


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