What Insanity Looks Like


A certain Spaniard named Cao fell in love with communism. Eventually, he discovered North Korea and thought that it was the perfect embodiment of all his ideals. After many attempts, he was allowed to become part of the ruling class there. He gave an interview with one Enzo Reale.

The interview is in two parts: part 1 part 2

I think all of Cao’s arguments for the North Korean state boil down to his thoughts on human rights.

In our mind, we believe human rights are rights that allow humans to be human. Things like speech, property ownership, life, etc… are all things that make us what we are.

However, in Cao’s mind, human rights are simply having enough food to eat, clothes to wear, and a roof over your head. In other words, to Cao, humans are cattle.

The problem with real human rights, the kind enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, is that people get these ideas, ideas that aren’t the same as everyone else’s ideas. There is disagreement. There is conflict. In fact, you have people that outright fight with each other, if not physically, than through politics or society or business.

The beauty of our system is that the fighting is actually good. Let ideas compete! Let people compete! Let them be the best they can be, and let them prove their value and worth on their own value and worth! We are all better for it. We are all better living a life where we strive to be the best we can be, to do the most with what we have, to strive to be like gods, and not like animals.

The sadness of the North Korean society is that someone has to feed the cattle, tell them where to go, and make sure they don’t sit out in the storm. These people are humans. But they don’t view the cattle as if they were equals, but instead, as if they were owned by these leaders. This is a society with slavemasters and slaves.

It boils my blood that people like Cao can live on this earth. Cao, instead of challenging us to rethink our ways, simply fled to North Korea, where he can live in safety and comfort as a cow.

Isn’t this what democrats are doing? When their ideas and policies and politics fail them, they fall back to force and deception to keep their power. How despicable.


One Response to “What Insanity Looks Like”

  1. fullboar Says:

    It also seems that the left in this country mirror this view. When we don’t follow the agenda it is because they didn’t explain it right. In other words they are going to begin debates with “maybe you didn’t hear me” or “are you stupid”. We are to be moved along and experimented with. It is very annoying.


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