Horowitz: “Conservatives Go to Washington to Fix Government”


Wise words from David Horowitz, former leftist who saw the error of his ways: (2:54 mark)

Conservatives go to Washington to fix government.

Liberals—progressives—leftists—go to Washington to change the world. So they want power. And the power, they think, can reshape the way people think and the way people are.

Now for my commentary.

This is why conservatives and liberals simply don’t get along.

Conservatives understand what people really are. We don’t think we’re angels. We don’t think we’re even fundamentally good. We’re not fooling ourselves into thinking that any one of us is really any better than anyone else. We’re all idiots. We’re pathetic.

But that’s ok! There are ways you can build reliable systems out of chaos. And that’s what humans can do, better than anything else. Give a man a piece of ground, and he can turn it into a thriving farm in less than a generation. Someone else might turn it into a prime retail business or a factory. Regardless, if we are simply left to deal with our own mortality and fallibility responsibly, with people owning the mistakes and successes of their own actions, then we can get along and do pretty well.

Liberals, for some reason, break people into two categories. On the one hand, you have the people who are too stupid to take care of themselves. This includes the poor, women, blacks, hispanics, and every other category of people that we need to reach out and help because they can’t help themselves. On the other hand, there is a different kind of people who are made to rule over and provide for the sub-humans.

In the liberal worldview, it is up to those who are not mere mortals to reach down and give something to those who are. Barack Obama is going to save us. John Kerry will get us out of the mess George Bush made. Al Gore is going to save the planet from our own stupidity if you simply hand over your life to him. Bill Clinton is the greatest thing that ever happened to American government. And so on, and so forth.

I can’t understand what a man who breaks his back to become CEO of a company and employ millions and deliver better products at a cheaper price is somehow the enemy because he refuses to part with his paycheck, money which he reinvests and spends on the very people liberals are trying to help.

And yet, if that same man were to walk through the halls of government and become a liberal political figure, he is treated as Jesus was during his grand entrance to Jerusalem. I mean, the man is untouchable, a veritable angel descended from on high to grant us our heart’s desire.

Conservatives don’t live under such illusions. Bill Gates is just another guy. Barack Obama is a terribly confused guy. David Horowitz is just another guy. None of these people are perfect. Everyone of them makes mistakes, probably on a daily basis.

Religion is a key to all of this. Some people deride Christianity for worshiping a mysterious sky god. But there is one message that is clear and consistent throughout every passage of scripture. It should be at the heart of every sermon and every religious discussion. That message is simply this: YOU CAN’T DO IT.

Being a God, a real God, is something you can’t even begin to imagine. So don’t bother trying to be a God on your own. Don’t substitute fake gods for the real thing, either. Just shut up, accept your stupidity and ignorance and outright rebellion against all that is right and good and honorable as the way things are.

And then, bow down and worship perfection. Pray that perhaps He can come down and lift you up from underneath. Because there is no other way you can ever hope to get in a better place than you are now.

The beautiful part of Christianity’s message is first, being human is OK. Second, you can be perfect, but only through Jesus, so don’t even begin to try on your own. And finally, your best hope is to see yourself as lower than the dust of the earth, along with everybody else, understanding that there is nothing more valuable than human life, and behave accordingly.

That’s why conservatives don’t go to government to change people or amass power. We don’t want it. We don’t want anyone to have it. We simply want to allow people to be people and enjoy life for what it is. We want people to suffer the slings and arrows of mortality, along with the joys and successes. We want people to work together by helping each other out, not because they are compelled to, but because they want to.

I know there’s a lot of leftists that simply can’t believe that conservatives actually believe what I claim they believe. All they have to do is ask. Conservatives simply want government to keep people from messing around with other people. Because no one is better than anyone else.


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