Turning to Christ


I’ve been trained in Physics. I work as a programmer. I say this to help you understand that when it comes to science, logic, and reason, there’s not a lot of people who do it better than I do.

As a country, we have a choice to make. Either we follow our own logic and reason and science, and put our trust in the institutions of men and in people themselves.

Or we turn our country over to Christ.

Why would we choose something for our country different than what is good for us?

People think I’m declaring a war on science or technology. They think I want to execute homosexuals or send out the Spanish Inquisition when I say things like that. That’s because they don’t understand a thing about who Christ is and what He wants us to do. They believe the lies that are spread about Christianity, unfortunately, some of them by people who are trying to be Christian themselves.

Jesus is the author of logic, reason, and science. Of all the gods in the world, only Christ represented pure logic and reason. If we intend to worship and follow Christ, we must embrace truth, logic and reason, and denounce error, lies, and deceit.

Unfortunately, nowadays we have seen what scientists who are focused on something other than the truth can do. The Global Warming movement, now thoroughly humiliated, has shown itself to pursue politics first and truth never. If, instead, they were following Christ and pursuing truth first, they would not have made any of the gross mistakes they have made in their reports and committees.

We cannot turn to government and expect salvation from the world. Our worldly troubles are something only a God like Christ can overcome. And how did He overcome? He lived his life virtuously. He suffered whatever troubles were heaped on His shoulders. He didn’t grow bitter or cold, but reached out to everyone to share His love and compassion. That’s the path we need to follow. We can’t live our lives trying to push off whatever troubles we need to overcome. We need to face them with humility and patience, bearing all things without letting them make us bitter. And through it all, we need to look around and see what we can do to help our neighbor through their problems.

We are facing several crises as a country. The national debt is at the top of the list, but there are countries out there who are seeking war against us, and are quickly obtaining the capability to do so. Not only that, but our country has made a promise to the elderly, a promise it can in no way keep. These are due to us and our ancestors. These are also problems without any solution at all except to bite the bullet and pay the price in blood, fortune, and misery to overcome it.

Let us turn to Christ. Let us bear our cross. We need to stop borrowing money, immediately, and pay back as much as we can. We need to stand up to our enemies, even if it means mobilizing for a massive war that could involve nuclear weapons. We need to tell the elderly that we cannot deliver the promised Social Security and Medicare benefits, and do what we can, as individuals, to help them out of the goodness of our hearts. These things hurt, and they are painful, but the longer we put them off, the more it will hurt. Like a lie that only grows worse the more you try to defend it, these problems can eventually consume us and destroy our country. We must address them now, with humility, bearing with patience and compassion the burden.

Ultimately, as a nation and as individuals, we can either put our trust into people or we can put our trust in a perfect God who descended below all things for our sakes. I know what people are like, and so do you. Do you really want to trust your entire person to someone else? Wouldn’t you rather trust the one man in the whole universe who not only descended below all things, but rose above all things, and offers His assistance without price?


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