Global Warming: False Alarm


The top scientist in the Global Warming community, Dr. Phil Jones of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU), has admitted that there is no data to support global warming since 1995. (link) That’s right, we simply cannot tell, one way or the other, whether the earth has warmed in the past 15 years.

1998 is no longer the hottest year, globally, on record. There is no record.

Where did it all go? Dr. Jones, caught up in the email scandal “Climate Gate”, has admitted that he simply doesn’t have the data anymore, and that the data he did use may have been unreliable. He blames his organizational skills. Other scientists blame the data collection methods.

Global Warming is extinct. There is no scientific basis for it. The one man with proof has just admitted he doesn’t have any evidence whatsoever. This is like the pope admitting that the whole God thing is a hoax.

I’m sorry if you got entrapped in the Global Warming hysteria. I tried to warn you, my readers, many times in the folly of trusting in science. Science makes a terrible religion, and the only reliable thing we know for sure is that we don’t know. Yes, science gave us computers and race cars and modern medicine, but it cannot give us lasting happiness or eternal salvation.

If you fell for Global Warming, your first duty is to apologize to those who did not. Many in your group have called them all sorts of nasty names, from “traitor” to “stupid” and everything in between. When asked for solid scientific evidence, the skeptics were constantly rebuffed and told to trust consensus, even though consensus is not science.

The second step to recovery is to swear of all faith in the sciences. Science isn’t about believing or trusting or building consensus. It is about mistrust, disbelief, and questioning consensus. Good scientists don’t agree with each other. And great scientists don’t believe their own theories and observations.

In the future, let us agree that only the “market of ideas”, that vast aggregation of individual choices, has anything remotely of value in terms of knowledge. Let people speak to how much they trust science in how they spend their own money. Don’t try to impose science on the rest of us. Instead, persuade us and let the decisions of the individual be influenced by logic and reason, not blatant force and abuse of power.

Let us also work to immediately repeal any legislation and tax policies rooted in the “science” of Global Warming.


3 Responses to “Global Warming: False Alarm”

  1. Weather Statistics Says:

    Interesting…I’ll be subscribing to your rss.

  2. Reloader 23 Says:

    I agree, but the problem is, most leftists will never admit that the notion of human-caused greenhouse warming is not based on science.

  3. Global Warming a Big Fat Lie | galleryofwriting Says:

    […] point is, global warming is 100% false. A web article on it can be found here: and a book on it can be found here: […]

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