My Health Options


It’s that time of year again where people who work for the company I work for get to choose their health plans.

See, in this capitalist system of ours, I have a choice of about 4 different health plans. If I don’t like the plans being offered, then by default I get to choose the “no health insurance” plan. There are other choices out there, but they are prohibitively expensive and even with my six figure salary I can’t afford them.

Isn’t capitalism terrible?

Except, this isn’t capitalism. This is fascim. This is statism. This is communism and socialism. This is everything but capitalism.

This is what you get when you give control of your life to the government. They determine the tax code and regulations. Then they throw in a couple of screwball regulations and mandates on top of that. At the end of the day, you’re grateful if you even get crumbs.

I’m sick of this. This is wrong. Why does our tax code make it impossible to buy health insurance from anyone buy our employers? Why can’t I buy an Idaho or foreign health insurance policy in Washington State? Why do doctors have to become legal experts just to offer advice on my health?

Let’s deregulate our medical industry. Let the doctors and patients and health insurance companies decide. Let’s eliminate any mention of medical care from our tax code, so that everyone, employed or not, has the same options without a distorted playing field. Rather than statism, let’s try a little bit of pure, unvarnished, all-American capitalism.


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