The Enemy Among Us


Eric Erickson at RedState points out how well conservative and progressive republicans get along. (link) It seems that progressives are always whining and crying when conservatives come out swinging, citing Reagan’s 11th Commandment. It also seems like if the progressives lose the primary, they stab the Republican Party in the back.

Here in Washington State we are dominated by progressives in the Republican Party. I can’t recall the last time the republicans came together behind a truly conservative candidate or campaigned on limited government and real fiscal responsibility.

It’s important to note that there are, ultimately, only two camps in politics. On the one hand, there are people who want government to do more and to take more liberties from the people. On the other hand are people who stand against government and demand that they leave the people’s rights to their life, liberty and property alone. This is how the country was divided in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. There are no other choices in this game. Either you support more government or limited government.

This is where the progressive republicans and democrats find commonality against a Reagan or a Coolidge. They fear, as much as any socialist, the swinging axes of the people, especially an organized mob coming to cut off the power of the government to abuse the people. And so it is only natural that they would align with the democrats against the people in such a contest.

I firmly resolve to banish all statists, progressives, and any one who believes government is the answer to all of life’s problems from the Republican Party. This is a party founded on individual liberties, and the natural, unalienable rights of every living human on the earth, regardless of skin color or national origin. I intend to keep it that way.

Let the progressives and socialists find their new home among the democrats. Let the voters know they have a choice between limited government and more government between the republican and democratic parties.


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