Pick a Side, Any Side


Sarah Palin urged Tea Party members to pick a party and then work within that party to realize their political goals. She wants one party or the other to represent the ideals of the Tea Party.

I am going to disagree with part of her idea.

Yes, you need to pick a side. No matter what political vision you have for the country, you, as an individual, need to work within the framework that is already there. That means you can either stand off on the side lines, or pick R or D. Once you choose a party, it’s up to you to influence that party to pursue your political agenda.

To the Tea Party people, I say: Yes, pick a side, but you all don’t have to choose the same side. If some of you choose R and some choose D, that is fine.

However, choose a side and then work within that party to realize your political goals.

Let me share a tidbit of LDS History with you. When Brigham Young led the saints to Utah, he urged the members of the church to join one or the other party. He wanted members to be in both parties, and influence both parties to work towards the political goals of the church. At the time, the Republican Party was as opposed to the LDS members as they were slavery due to polygamy. The Democratic Party was much more generous and kind to the LDS members.

In the long run, I don’t know how successful that plan was, except to say that all of the political goals of the LDS church were realized. Today, our church runs the church, not the government; we are free to go wherever we like without fear of any extermination orders; we can live side-by-side with our neighbors who may be of any other faith.

I would recommend to those Tea Party members who lean democratic on other issues such as abortion, defense, and marriage to pursue the Tea Party principles in the Democratic Party. Those other Tea Party members who lean republican on other issues should pursue the Tea Party principles in the Republican Party. Both should fight vehemently and without discouragement to see that all candidates nominated all support the Tea Party principles of limited taxes, spending, and government.

If you work in the Democratic Party and you aren’t able to effect much change, then feel free to vote for the republican candidate who espouses your Tea Party principles, but with whom you may disagree with on other issues. Let the candidate you voted for know why you voted for him and what you expect him to do. The same goes for the Republican Party. Should the republicans nominate a tax-and-spend progressive, and the democrats nominate a real fiscal conservative, then the Tea Party people should vote the democrat in, provided he will be a roadblock to all democratic initiatives to raise taxes, increase spending, or expand the role of government.

Today, as it stands, most of the democrats tend towards fiscal irresponsibility while many republicans lean towards fiscal responsibility. That may change in five, ten, or twenty years. Don’t tie your principles to your party—hold your party to your principles!


2 Responses to “Pick a Side, Any Side”

  1. John Cronin Says:

    It is my belief that the interests of grassroots activists who are active in the Tea Party movement are best served by the Repiblican Party.

    Although both parties are complicit in the spending spree that has been going on in this country for the last fourty years, currently the Democrat Party has tossed any idea of restaint over the side several years ago.

    Add Obamacare to the mix and IMHO, the Republican Party is the only viable choice for conservatives in general and Tea Partiers in particular.

    John Cronin, Co-founder

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I’m not going to argue that the Republican Party is closer to the principles of the Tea Party. I will argue, however, that those who feel comfortable in the Democratic Party should be working within their party to implement the principles of the Tea Party rather than disengage altogether. I would rather have the two parties duking it out over who is more fiscally responsible than have a crap shoot every election.

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