Nice… A Little Projection, Much?


Remember, folks, the Republican Party was founded on the principle that enslaving a race of man simply because they had a different skin color was wrong. Republicans have fought a consistent and unwavering battle to bring real equality between the races, to build America into a color-blind society consistent with Dr. King’s philosophy—before Dr. King was even born.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Fascists, and all other parties of the left, were hell-bent on enslaving people because they were too poor, too stupid, or just too black. It was Marx and others like him that gave Hitler the idea of exterminating inferior races. Today, that blatant racism continues in the abortion rate and the welfare state used to keep the “lesser races” subjugated to government run by the white man.

Realizing this, let’s hear what Keith Olbermann has to say about it.

When the liberals allow black blacks who speak, using the terminology of Sen. Reid (D-NV) with the “negro dialect” to run around as full equals, not “entitled” to be enslaved with the soft chains of socialism, but embraced as an equal and peer, let me know.

(Hat tip: The Right Scoop)


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