SEIU Doesn’t Pledge Allegiance to our Flag, Republic, or Nation


If they don’t pledge their allegiance to our flag, our republic and nation, what do they pledge their allegiance to? Who or what exactly are they devoted to?

I can only think of a few answers:

  1. Themselves.
  2. An individual or group of individuals.
  3. A foreign power.

This means that the SEIU is no longer American, and perhaps even anti-America.

The fact that a sitting congressman, sworn to support and defend our constitution, openly mocks the idea of pledging allegiance to that sacred document (it being the supreme authority in our nation), means that he is an oath-breaker and not to be trusted in any way.

Keep an eye on these folks. If an when they commit treason, I’d like to know about it.

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)


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