Unemployment Insurance Hurts Employment


Washington State’s Unemployment Insurance hurts business when times are tough. Today, businesses have to pay more in unemployment insurance because unemployment is up. (link)

I’ve never really understood unemployment insurance. It sounds like yet another scam on the working people and the people that employ them.

What do we expect to happen when we punish businesses for hiring people, especially during tough times? If anything, we should have a system that rewards companies who hire, especially during tough times.

What do we expect to happen when we pay people not to work? If anything, we should have a system that punishes people who don’t work.

This is yet another economic moral hazard introduced to our state in the name of socialism. That’s right—the unemployment insurance scam is a socialist policy designed to elevate the government above the people, masked as a “help the poor” scheme.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we let the employers hire people without paying any additional taxes? Why don’t we allow employees to pocket the extra money and stick it in a rainy day fund in their checking account? Why don’t we stop paying people not to work or encouraging them to stick their hand out to mommy government every time it rains on our economic parade?

Americans have been through far worse times. If times are tough, and a neighbor can’t even put food on their table, I’ll be the first to write a check to either help him find a new job or to ensure that his family has enough to eat. I already pay a significant portion of my salary to charities. My neighbors would do the same for me. We don’t need government. We simply need government to get out of our way and stop interfering with our charity.


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