Conservative-leaning Libertarian


I just took the Nolan Quiz as suggested by Glenn Beck.

The results puts you on a two-dimensional spectrum. Along the X-axis is the typical right-versus-left. The vertical axis, however, describes how involved government should be.

I rated as almost a perfect libertarian with some conservative tendencies. I think my major beef is that I expect the US to be a really strong presence in foreign diplomacy, going as far as to send our troops to extinguish threats before they become realized.

I think a surprising number of Americans would rate as a libertarian as well. The reason is because Americans really admire the “live and let live” philosophy.

The beauty of libertarianism is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a pot-smoking hippie or a back country redneck. You can get along with the government because the government simply doesn’t interfere in your affairs until you start trampling other people’s rights. I am sure the hippie wants their rights protects as much as the redneck. On that sentiment, and probably only that sentiment the two agree.

I don’t think that the big-L Libertarian Party has much of a chance anywhere. However, I believe that libertarians can and should work within both parties to encourage them both to get our of people’s lives and limit the size and scope of government.

Nowadays, the party that is entirely opposed to libertarian principles is the Democratic Party. Small-l libertarians should do what they can to entirely replace the leadership of that party. At the same time, they should support those leaders in the Republican Party who believe that the best government governs the least.

Nowadays, we are nearly all united behind the idea of cutting taxes and spending in a dramatic way. Yes, we want government to do less, yes, we want more money in the pockets of the fat-cat Wall Street types. That’s because we trust people who are out to make a buck more than people who are out to change the world.


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