Reading “Going Rogue”


I’ve started reading Going Rogue: An American Life. Yes, that book about Sarah Palin by Sarah Palin.

I have only finished the first part where she talks about her family and her life. It brought me to tears. I am a pretty sentimental fellow, meaning it probably doesn’t take much to bring me to tears. There are certain things, especially very real things, the very real trials and tribulations of real life, along with the very real joy and happiness of real life, that are guaranteed to pull on my heartstrings.

Sarah Palin is someone who really understands what life is all about. Her biggest disappointments are when she let down the people around her. Her biggest victories are when she did what she could to serve those around her. She knows that only those people who lose themselves in service to others, particularly their spouses, children, parents, and closest relatives, but to a lesser degree, the community and nation, only those people get to feel what real happiness is.

Sarah Palin connects with the average American in a way that those who don’t connect with her can’t understand, or even begin to understand. If they had the capacity to understand, they would connect with her as well. I won’t bother to explain it, but to state a few points. If you can’t see yourself forced to bow before God’s majesty, not because God is some dictator, but because he is the very definition of majesty, you can’t understand what Sarah Palin is all about. There are things that go way beyond anything on this earth, and Sarah Palin has a few of them.

The Greeks struggled in their philosophy trying to explain why one thing—a work of art, a nature scene, a story, or whatever—was beautiful and emotionally satisfying, while other, similar things are not. They couldn’t explain it any better than we can. Sure, we see symmetry. We see patterns. We see common themes and elements. A good writer can lay down the fundamental elements of every successful story. A good artist can show you what makes certain paintings work and others fail. But they have, at best, only a tiny sliver of understand of what is truly at work when you experience something beautiful, and your soul is captured in that state of awe.

The Bible warns about a time when there are no elders or wise men or prophets or mighty men to fight or leaders to lead the people. I thank God that He sends people like Ronald Reagan to show us the way we go, to connect ourselves together under a common banner. I thank God that He keeps sending us these kinds of leaders from time to time, seemingly in the very moment when we need them the most. As long as we have our elders and wise men and prophets and mighty men, and especially our leaders, that is a sign that God hasn’t given up on us yet.

Sarah Palin is one of those leaders. Her finest moment may not be today or yesterday. It may not come for many decades. But she is one of those people that those who truly care about the future of America know they can look to when that moment or crisis comes.

And Sarah Palin isn’t the only one. It’s readily apparent that we are a nation crawling with ready and capable leaders. They can murder the top two hundred political leaders in the conservative movement, and it wouldn’t even set our movement back five minutes.

All these attacks against Palin are no different than Goliath mocking the God of Israel, or laughing at David because he is simply a boy armed with a sling. These are the same as all the haughty remarks made in the courts against Jesus moments before He was hung from that cross. These things persist for a moment. Sometimes it seems like they are actually prevailing. But we don’t need to worry about them any more than we worry about flies or bacteria crawling around in our garbage cans. Sure, we may have to endure their filth for a while, but eventually, the garbage man comes.


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