To Ron Paul Supporters: This is How its Done


Meet Erick Erickson. He is the leader of RedState.Com, an activist network of conservatives who are working hard to reform the Republican Party. Erick showed up early and often to buck the establishment candidates and support the conservative ones. He threw his money and mouth into races where we should not have won. Having Erick behind you gives you a really good chance when everyone else is against you.

Erick Erickson, along with a whole lot of other people within the Republican Party, is cautious about Ron Paul. The one area of disagreement is with foreign policy. Eric wants to see America keep our country safe by projecting a strong image and bringing down the hammer on people who try to kill Americans. Ron Paul believes we are only in danger because we are meddling in foreign affairs. He has a strong protectionist bent on matters of foreign policy. They obviously don’t agree on much here.

Other republicans don’t like Ron Paul because he’s a libertarian. They don’t want small government, they don’t want lower taxes, and they don’t want to see the precious socialist reforms of FDR to disappear. Obviously, I believe Erick and Ron Paul find a lot in common when talking about these other kinds of republicans. I bet you Americans would agree more with Erick and Ron on these issues than the socialists.

Meet Rand Paul, the son of Ron Paul, the famous representative and presidential candidate and now senate candidate for Kentucky.

Now, Erick Erickson has said a few words about Rand Paul. Pay close attention, those of you who support Ron Paul. You could learn a lot by hearing what Erick has said. After reading his article, make a careful note of why Erick likes Rand, and why Erick doesn’t like Rand. If you marginalize the parts of your platform that Erick disagrees with, and embrace the parts of your platform that Erick likes, you will gain Erick as a strong supporter.

With Erick, comes a large chunk of the conservative movement. Behind him, you’ll likely find Palin, Romney, and other big wigs in the conservative movement.

If you work with these people, you can win big.

I believe there is a lot in common between the Ron Paul people and the conservative movement of the Republican Party. I believe we can and should embrace the components of our mutual platforms that we agree on, and save the parts that we disagree on for a later day, when we have totally swept the country with the former.


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