In Defense of Bunning


Before I begin, I welcome any and all comments provided they conform to the guidelines I have posted. I expect to see a lot of astro-turfers here.

Senator Bunning is the last real American in the Senate.

If you were to ask real Americans whether money should be taken from the people and given to those who are no longer working, they would say, “Of course not.”

Why, then, do we even offer unemployment “benefits”? What benefit is there to unemployment?

Why does it make sense to anyone to tax the workers and pay the loafers? This eliminates jobs that would otherwise exist, and discourages people from finding or creating their own job.

Why, especially, should we continually extend the unemployment benefits to the loafers? Where does this ever make sense? If, after 6 months, you have still not found work, perhaps it’s time to do something different, pull up your bootstraps, and realize, for the first time in your life, that you were born with nothing, you will die with nothing, and if you don’t figure something out quick, you are going to have nothing to eat tonight.

America is, or at least, should be a land of opportunity. This means there are a million things you could be doing right now. If, somehow, we have arrived at the sorry state of affairs where there are so many regulations and taxes that there is really nothing for you to do to feed your family, then the answer is not to extend your unemployment insurance and make things even worse by raising taxes by that much more. No, the answer is to ELIMINATE THE GOVERNMENT WELFARE PROGRAMS AND REGULATIONS, allowing the people to retain more of their own money and behave in their own economic interests, rather than jump through the arbitrary and counter-productive hoops that congress and the regulators have invented.

Finally, Senator Bunning is one senator. He has no more power to hold up this legislation than a boy could hold up the Mississippi River by sticking out his hand.

If democrats think this is such a great bill, why don’t they vote on it?


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