The Cost of Socialism


Oftentimes, people believe that socialism is a tenable system. After all, it only costs the rich a little bit, but sometimes a lot. We take a little of what they have, and give it to the poor. Everybody’s happy, right?

Wrong. The rich aren’t happy. When you take what the rich have, the rich stop making it. The only reason rich people create things that are valuable is because they get to keep it. If you took everything away, they wouldn’t work for it anymore.

Imagine the United States divided into 300 million tiny countries of one occupant each. Who is going to pay the medical bills for you country? If your country can’t import and export and produce what is needed, you aren’t getting health care. Ask Cuba and North Korea how that is working out for them.

If you can’t take what you need to survive, what then? You need to trade for it. Even the poorest person has something of value they can trade the rich for. Even unskilled labor is valuable. Small investments of training, paid for by the wealth that that unskilled labor can produce, are enough to multiply the value of that labor. From pennies and hour to hundreds of dollars an hour, labor’s value can be multiplied by training.

If you are poor, you can’t expect to get rich by stealing from the rich. You have to learn how to take what you have, reinvest it in yourself, and become something more than you were yesterday.


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