Why Christians “Don’t Care”


John Hinderaker at Power Line asks, “Why don’t Christians care?

This Christian, at least, cares very deeply. It bothers me intensely that any Christian would be murdered in cold blood for their religion. It bothers me just as much as seeing anyone murdered in cold blood.

What could we do about it? What does our Christian Lord and Savior demand we do about it? He preaches a gospel of peace. Let us turn the other cheek, and pray that the Lord will exact justice quickly, or that the oppressors will embrace Christ and find mercy.

Until we, as a nation, decide that the rights we wrote in our Declaration of Independence apply beyond our borders, all we can do is watch from afar and use whatever little influence we have to end the violence.


One Response to “Why Christians “Don’t Care””

  1. themadjewess Says:

    Right, Christians always in the line of fire. ALWAYS.
    the left wing Jews in name only NEVER mention this, but in Soviet Russia, they murdered so many Christians, it is unbelievable. Yes, Jews as well, but far more Christians get murdered in the YES WE CAN Brigades than any other people.

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