All Of Them—In College!


The Urban Prep Academy in Englewood in Chicago graduated 100% of its seniors, and all of them have been accepted into college. (link)

Urban prep is special for five reasons.

One, it is a public school. That means, you don’t have to pay extra money to go there. The state and city pay the bills.

Two, it’s a charter school, meaning it isn’t bound by the normal union and school rules.

Three, it’s 100% black. It’s an unfortunate testament to the United States education system that black males tend to do far worse than whites or asians.

Four, it’s 100% male. It’s also an unfortunate testament to the US education system that males tend to do worse than females.

Five, it’s in a tough neighborhood, where most of the kids can’t even dream of college.

I don’t believe for one second that our teachers, administrators, parents, students, legislators, congressmen, governor or president are to blame for the terrible performance in our school, particularly in tough neighborhoods and especially with blacks, hispanics, and native americans.

The problem isn’t the people. It’s the system.

Charter schools are one step out of that broken system. It puts these actors together in a better relationship, making success not only possible, but guaranteed with the right leadership and teachers.


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