We Need to Put the Brakes on Congress


By: Frosty E Hardison

In a recent Gallup Poll (March 12, 2010 – Click Here) Congress’s approval rating is 16. That means on the average of 100 Americans only 16 folks think that Congress is still doing a swell job of representing them. That in itself should be another story being followed up on by the national media.

So, my question to you John & Jane Q Public: Who IS Congress representing?

I mean if the devil is in the details and government is going to get involved even more in heath care – You do know your costs are going to go up – right? That is a given any time government and the waste that goes along with anything government controlled, takes over anything in the private sector.

Do you work in the health care field? Do your doctors like what is coming? Are they whispering about moving to Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Texas? Will this bill limit a doctors’ ability to make a living? When and if the doctors leave, will health care still be all it is? Do you think Congress should have the ability to mandate limitations on such things while at the same time raise their own income on demand? Seems a bit self serving doesn’t it – to be able to raise your own salary and dictate how much others can/cannot make? What is that called? Is it a conflict of interest?

Again, Congress isn’t representing me or our country when they raise their own salaries when their approval rating is so low. So just who is it they are representing?

God help us.
Frosty E Hardison

Frosty E. Hardison is a graduate of Colorado Technical University with a degree in Business Administration. An MBA honors student with a 3.83 GPA, Frosty is most recognized for standing up against the Al Gore film “An Inconvenient Truth” being shown as a stand alone “science film” in his daughter’s science class in January 2007. Frosty is a Senior Business Analyst and Consultant to small to medium businesses across the nation. He specializes in data research and business analysis as well as work flow/production efficiency – to increase profits. For questions, see his website.


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