What now?


In other countries, liberty dies much like it did yesterday. Thanks to the Democrat’s bill, you now have fewer freedoms today than you did yesterday. Bit by bit, chunk by chunk, you wake up each day to discover the box you are consigned to live in is closing in on you.

In our system of government, the people are king. We really have a tremendous amount of power. Now, we don’t get our way every single time, and that’s a really good thing because the people are not always right. But if we are consistent and unwavering, we will get what we really want. If we are reasonable and patient, we are all but guaranteed to win.

In our case, the people of the United States have, for a very long time, wanted a larger and more intrusive government. They’ve asked for it in the polls. An entire political party, and more than half of the other, have been working diligently to deliver it. Between the bookends of Coolidge to Reagan, the national discussion wasn’t whether the federal government should control our lives, but in what form that control should appear.

Today, we have to realize what our real enemy is. It’s not the democrats or liberal republicans, although these are the physical manifestation of the enemy and the political head. Our enemy isn’t even really the idea of medical care for everyone or guaranteed retirement benefits.

Our enemy is simply the idea that the federal government should be involved, in any way, shape, or form, in the lives of the private citizen in an intrusive way.

We must recognize this fact. Our rights exist when government doesn’t infringe upon them, but protects them. Thing is true, universally: When government is too strong, the people have no liberty.

Now, there are some things we really, really need a federal government for. We need such a government to unify us in wartime. We need such a system to represent us with a clear and unified voice overseas. We need such a system to ensure that free trade exists between the states of our union. We need such a system to ensure that we have a stable yet adaptive money supply. And we need such a system to ensure that contracts written in Maine are enforced in Washington State.

But that’s really the limit and scope of such a government. Outside of these things, and a few other things like that, the federal government really has no business in our lives.

We, as a people, must change. We must stop demanding the federal government to do things for it that it was not intended to do. We must stop looking for checks or services. We must stop looking for the federal government to feed us when we are hungry, clothe us when we are naked, watch over us when we are sick, or give us money when we are poor.

There are other people and other institutions we can, and indeed, should turn to when we are hungry, naked, sick, or poor. The people of the United States are by leaps and bounds the most charitable people on the face of the earth. If you stick your hand out in need, you will be filled. I promise you that.

If we are sick, if we are hungry, if we have any physical need that we cannot meet ourselves, not only can we turn to our fellow citizens, but we must. We must remind ourselves that we don’t work to get rich. We work to benefit ourselves and others. Our lives and fortunes are meant to be spent helping others. The cost of admittance through the pearly gates is to help those around us. By depriving us of the opportunity to serve our neighbors, we are condemning ourselves to forever live outside those gates.

So, tonight, promise that you will stop turning to the federal government for charity, and start turning to your neighbors. If you have something you want to share with the poor around you, why don’t you turn to the poor rather than the government to help distribute it?


4 Responses to “What now?”

  1. beardsandbellies Says:

    What exactly are the fewer freedoms we are left with?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      The freedom not to buy health insurance. The freedom to buy certain kinds of health insurance. The freedom to use our money that we are taxed. The freedom lost because we have to repay the debt incurred by the bill.

      You really need to open your eyes.

  2. beardsandbellies Says:

    Do you object to the federal intrusion of every highway you drive down? If so, why don’t you drive solely down surface streets (although there is a bit of federal funding there)? What about Social Security? What are you really calling into question?

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