As We Bid a Generation Adieu, We Must Replace Them


Why is it that the left is so far kooky in this country today? Or rather, when did the kooks get power over the agenda?

I like to think of it this way. The World War II generation understood the power of government. They worked far harder than their predecessors and their ancestors to make government work for them rather than against them. That’s why when the kooks found their voice in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, they were sidelined. That was the age that those who grew up into World War II had reached adulthood and had the power to control government.

Something happened to the intervening generation. Those raised during World War II or right after never really had to worry about government. See, mom and dad had them covered. They could go about their business without worrying too much about the future because the World War II generation was in charge and they were, for the most part, pretty reliable.

Now that the World War II generation is retiring and dying off, their children have the power to take control of government. However, the conservatives among that generation learned to sit idly by, while the kooks had learned how to organize and campaign. You don’t have to look very far to find someone who has never been involved in politics in that generation.

The point of this exercise is to realize a few things.

Number one, you must be involved in government. Not to save the rainforests or end global warming or campaign for social justice, but to provide a moderating tone against the kooks who are going to be more active than you at all times.

Number two, you have the power within yourselves to take control of government for yourself, just like the Greatest Generation did for themselves. Do you think they relied on their parents and grandparents to see them through that war, or did they decide that the war wasn’t going to be fought without them?

We must not be idle, and we can’t make excuses. If anyone had a good excuse for dropping out of politics, it was the World War II generation. If they didn’t use their economic circumstances as an excuse, then we have no excuse because we have far greater economic opportunity than they ever imagined.


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