Walt Schrader


Walt Schrader wasn’t a close friend of mine. I only knew him a little through my work in the 30th District in Federal Way. I heard a few unkind rumors about him, but there was nothing about him that I could see for myself to inspire the least bit of distrust.

I refer you to Mark Knapp’s post on Walt Schrader. I don’t have much to add beyond what has already been said, except to bow my head in reverence and whisper an “Amen.”

Walt had that charm and charisma that made you feel like he cared. I can’t say this for everyone in politics, but in the few moments I had with Walt, I could tell that he really did care.

His face in my memory will always burn with that smile he beamed when he saw something difficult and challenging that required lots of people to work together as volunteers. When we faced certain defeat in the 2006 elections, he smiled a lot. When we all knew that no matter what we did, we could never get the die-hard republicans to lift a finger to support our slate of candidates, Walt smiled and cheered us on. When PCO meetings were sparsely attended and motivation was at an all-time low, Walt smiled and pointed out what we needed to do. Perhaps if I knew him in better times, I would have seen him without a smile on his face.

While Lloyd’s passing was sad, Walt’s passing is a tragedy. It is said that God raises up leaders among men. Apparently, He takes them from us, too. We have been robbed.

I cannot speak to the suffering and tragedy that Walt’s friends and families are experiencing. I hope that my positive memory of him will give them a little comfort. Walt’s life wasn’t tragic because of who he could have been, it was tragic because we will not have what he was freely giving us anymore.


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