Global Warming: Not Science


If you want to be a real scientist, you have to separate yourself from the science. For instance, a theory you put forward, according to the scientific process, should be questioned and challenged and aggressively attacked, scientifically, by your worst ideological foes before becoming accepted as a worthy theory.

Global Warming scientists, or rather, those people who claim to be scientists and try to push forward the idea, through political means, that mankind is causing the earth to warm through economic activity, have published a “peer-reviewed” “scientific paper” which is nothing more than a blacklist of scientists who happen to actually think for themselves and have, at times, questioned parts of the Global Warming theory. (link)

Now, if Global Warming scientists want to do real science, they will have the Global Warming skeptics review every paper they publish, and consider their work speculative at best until it has been thoroughly reviewed and challenged.

A comparative example is the introduction of Quantum Mechanics in the Physical Sciences. As the theory grew in popularity, the people behind the theory sought out for and openly worked with people who questioned the theories. They wanted to have their assumptions challenged and their math questioned. Einstein, who never believed Quantum Mechanics, proposed some of the best experiments that ultimately proved Einstein’s thoughts on the matter incorrect. He did this because he was pestered by the QM people to share his thoughts and concerns on the subject.

Even today, QM adherents are still looking for good challenges to the theories that QM proposes. Any funding for QM research is usually in an area where QM and reality seem to diverge—things like quantum teleportation and such.

Imagine that! Global Warming scientists spending their time trying to disprove Global Warming! What an incredible, and seemingly quaint, concept!


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