Legalizing Illegal Immigration


First, some declarations. I believe America should be open to all who come here with the intent of doing good, namely, participating legally and productively in our system and society. That means that if you’re poor, and you simply want to work, then we should welcome you with open arms. Of course, if you’re here to cause mayhem or to try and overthrow our government, then please don’t bother.

My ultimate goal is to see an open, free society where anyone can come to buy and sell, live and work, as freely as we travel between our states and counties. This sort of system will lead to incredibly economic advantages for the United States, and make the US perpetually the global leader in standard of living and innovation. The reason for this is simple: Any other country’s economic advantage becomes our economic advantage when we open our borders.

Now, I want you to consider the sad state of affairs of immigration. Legal immigration is quite difficult, honestly. The easiest way to get into our country is to marry a citizen or to be born here, illegally or otherwise. This means that people find various illegal ways to enter our country to participate in our wonderful system.

This means that, just like during prohibition, gangs and mobsters are getting a government-backed boost to their coffers and power.

The correct solution is not to smile and look the other way while gangs and mobsters exploit those who are simply trying to get into our country. The correct response is to legalize the whole thing and eliminate the gangs and mobsters altogether.

Such a legalization wouldn’t be “cross our border, win our compassion!” The problem with that is the “cross our border” bit, which involves gangs and mobsters. You might as well word it as, “Pay off your local gang, win our compassion!” This is certainly not the way to do business. In fact, we must actively fight the gangs involved, both here at our borders and abroad in their respective countries. Our borders must be sealed to anyone we don’t want in our country. That’s part of being a sovereign country. If we can’t do this basic thing, then we have no control over immigration at all and must behave as if anyone different on the street is here to do us harm.

More importantly, what we must do, immediately, is expand our system of immigration. Make immigration cheap and easy, at least cheaper and easier than working with gangs and mobsters, but preferably much more so. All we really need to collect are two bits of information. One, who are you? Two, what are you coming here to do?

After that, we simply need to manage the immigrants in a sensible way. When an immigrant causes a ruckus, kick them out, probably forever. If an immigrant shows themselves to have lied about their identity and purpose, kick them out, preferably forever. Then put in controls and measures to ensure that when we decide to kick someone out, they actually get kicked out and can never return.

We already have a system in place, but over time, bureaucracy and politics have caused it to be a pale shadow of what it could be. It requires a strong president with strong appointees to fix such a system. It also requires congress to decide, once and for all, whether we will be a protectionist country or whether we will open our borders to legal immigration and trade.

In the meantime, we must use our national resources to secure our border. What Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is doing is drawing attention to how bad the problem is and how only the federal government is in a position to do anything, and how little it has decided to do. This is what needs to be done today.


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