Fundamental Conservative Principles


I don’t think we can restate these basic principles enough. They are beautifully described in our founding documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence. If you believe these things, then you must needs be conservative. If not, then you don’t belong in the United States, but some other country which doesn’t share our core values.

  1. We are children of God, each with their own purpose and each with divine potential. This is our equality. No one needs make us equal, for we are equal in our very nature.
  2. God entrusted us with the use of our faculties to make decisions, big and small, for ourselves. We all have fundamental rights and responsibilities that reflect how we can use what we naturally have and in what way God asks us to use them.
  3. The most basic human rights are the rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY. All other rights are connected to these rights.
  4. Sometimes, in order to protect a right, we must infringe on the offender’s rights. For instance, we stop murder by killing the murderer. We restore what has been stolen by taking from the thief. We eliminate the freedom of those who have eliminated the freedom of others. This is justice, not revenge. No amount of mercy can deny the fact that murderers must be killed, thieves must be deprived of their property, and those who would imprison us must be imprisoned. Without this justice, no one has any natural rights, only rights they are able to secure by their cunning and power.
  5. Governments are created by the people to be selected from people of the people to be run for the people. The only thing government can do is protect our natural rights from those who would infringe upon them.
  6. Our elected officials are not elected to improve their position in life or increase their honor or wealth. They are elected to serve as servants of the people, using the sacred power they have been entrusted with to protect the rights of the people regardless of political affiliations or other relationships.
  7. Government cannot give—it can only take and give only a part of what it has taken, corrupting everyone involved. Government makes a terrible business, a terrible charity, and a worse god. We cannot look to government for economic prosperity, charitable works, or worship.
  8. Rather than raising taxes until they are unbearable, and spending the money to secure votes for the next election, our government should eliminate all unnecessary spending, keeping only those programs and services that actually protect the rights of all the people, and raise only as much money as is needed to operate these services. Tax rates should be kept so low that government struggles for the money it needs, and any surpluses should be immediately returned to the people.
  9. Wars are evil, but a necessary evil. When we, as a society, find ourselves in a position where war is more desirable than peace, then we must fight the war with swift and cruel efficiency, using whatever means we can to crush the enemy’s spirits and bring them under our power. After the war is complete, then we can work to build a new relationship with our conquered enemies based on mutual respect of each other’s natural rights. Until that time, however, all our resources must be pointed towards complete victory.

Building our civil society on the basis of an all-seeing, all-powerful, perfectly just yet merciful God gives us the above. Any other type of God, or the absence of any God, would lead to a different kind of society where these concepts don’t exist. Our experience, as a human race, with different religions has shown us this. Ultimately, what made the United States of America possible wasn’t our brilliant forefathers or our unique land. What made it possible was the quiet faith of our ancestors who trusted God more than a king.


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