Greenhouse Effect is “Scientific Malfeasance”


I wrote earlier about how the so-called “Greenhouse Effect” is not an effect but a fairy tale. (link) The reason is that it is not based on any theory and it is not observed in any experiment. In fact, it stands in contradiction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the law that says you can’t get something for nothing.

Dr. Martin Hertzberg, former Navy chemist, has more to say than I do: (link)

The entire theory that “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere can reradiate energy back to the Earth and thus cause more heating, has been proven to violate the laws of thermodynamics, and thus to be completely devoid of physical reality. Acceptance of that theory by some journals, scientific organizations, and government agencies both national and international, represents scientific malfeasance on a grand scale.

Hat tip: Climate Depot


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