Dr. Roy Spencer Ignores Convection


Dr. Roy Spencer tries to show what fools those of us who question the Greenhouse Effect are. He shows that having something in between something else can act like a warm blanket. (link)

Of course, Dr. Roy Spencer fails to even discuss the effect CONVECTION has on the heat transfer from the ground to the atmosphere. Actual measurements have showed that increasing the CO2 levels of the atmosphere may actually COOL the earth, since CO2 is better at transferring heat with convection. (See http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0707/0707.1161v4.pdf)

This shows the typical attitude of those who defend Global Warming. Rather than debate people who bring up points of concern, they try to distract. The really good points detractors make aren’t even discussed at all. Instead, when cornered, those who defend Global Warming turn their noses up and start smirking.


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