I Don’t Want Slavery—I Want to Abolish It


Andrew Breitbart, who exposed that a government official discriminated against a citizen of our country simply on the color of the individual’s skin, was accused by the same government official of wanting to bring slavery back to our country. (link)

Let me explain something just to make it clear. I, and most likely Andrew Breitbart, not only do not want to see slavery return to the US, we want to act like our political forebears and use the force of government to tear it down.

What? Slavery in the US? Yes, it exists, and it is a huge problem.

Anytime money is taken from one person and given to another, that is slavery. Government is allowed to raise money through taxes and spend it in ways that the people have agreed to, which is clearly outlined in our constitution. Article 1 Section 8 of the US constitution is a good read if you want to know what those things are.

The very fact that some people of certain skin colors think that asking that our government conform to the very document that is the foundation of its existence by ending the welfare state is somehow akin to enslaving the same is absurd. Were the slaveowners in the South enslaved when their slaves were freed? Of course not, and it is absurd to think so.

We want the same emancipation—emancipation from all the deadbeats and homeless and poor and jobless. We don’t owe them a dime, and we don’t ask for any money from them.

What we will do, however, is freely and voluntarily give all of our money away to help those around us. Whether that money is used up in the marketplace or in our church donations or charitable institutions is entirely up to us.


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