It’s hard to comment on the Obama administration, or anything the democrats and liberal republicans seem to be doing today. I can only hang my head in shame that these fools have somehow become the leaders of our country. I am sure one day someone will be able to compile all of the shenanigans that have occurred and whoever takes the time to read them all and put them together will wonder, with amazement, how it all happened.

Regardless, now is not the time to be overwhelmed with everything. We must focus on our goal, and take sure steps towards that goal. No setback is big enough to make us give up, because our goal is the most righteous goal of all.

That goal is, and always should be, the basic freedom of all people, everywhere.

We’ve allowed our language to be polluted over the years. Today, “liberty” and “freedom” don’t quite mean what they meant to our ancestors. To our ancestors, these words meant the ability to go out and face life’s challenges, one-on-one, and not have any more obstacles stand in the way than what life had to offer. It meant we had the freedom to fight poverty, starvation, disease, discomfort, and every other malady with our own intellect, strength, wisdom, and associations.

Freedom and liberty never meant being presented with options that do not exist naturally. Giving someone the opportunity to get a “free” education or get a “free” job is not freedom. Allowing them to use their eyes and ears and hands in the way they see fit, even if it means they would put themselves to work or study and learn about the world around them is the real freedom.

We have come to a point where our country is hardly recognizable anymore. While the vast majority of our countrymen still carry freedom in their hearts, our governments are actively conspiring against those same freedoms.

I am confident, however, that the will of the people will always emerge victorious. As long as that will is righteous, meaning, it pursues the same goals that God has (that being the liberty and freedom of mankind), then we do not need to doubt what the outcome will be.

What we do need to do, however, is act. Act in ways that bring us closer to our goal. When you see someone or something standing in the way, declare yourself and enemy to that, and move forward and over that thing. Each of us, acting independently and in our own interest and in the interests of that Great Liberator, will find, ultimately, that we will achieve our goal.

Our times today are a great chance to learn what every generation that went before us had to learn. Never is freedom ever given, but it is obtained. Obtain it today.


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