Adam Smith is No Moderate


Rep. Adam Smith reads the polls and knows that the 9th Congressional District here in Washington State is not a liberal district. We like our liberty very much, thank you, and we don’t want to see socialism sweep our state or country.

However, Rep. Smith has a problem: He is more liberal than our neighbor to the north, the esteemed ultra-liberal Rep. Jim McDermott. At least, that’s how he votes. For whatever reason, it seems that Rep. McDermott actually voted against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s agenda from time to time, while Rep. Smith let Pelosi tell him which way to bark and how loud.

Don’t let Rep. Smith fool you. Every election cycle, the liberals in Washington D.C. and Olympia come back to their districts to tell you, the voters, how conservative they are and how hard they fought to reduce taxes and spending and reign in corruption. As we vote them back to office, they snicker and laugh all the way back to their comfortable seats, where they throw money around as if there was no end to it, and burden us with an ever-expanding list of rules and regulations.

I’m voting for Dick Muri this year. Unlike Adam Smith, he actually has a voting record that shows him standing up for the people against the interests of the government.


6 Responses to “Adam Smith is No Moderate”

  1. Brandon West Says:

    You can vote for Muri, but at least be better informed about what you write about Adam Smith.

    Adam Smith co-sponsored House Joint Resolution 47 that would ban the burning of the American flag. McDermott can’t make that claim, nor Pelosi, nor any other congressman from Washington state (Republican or Democratic).

    I don’t agree with Smith on that stance, but I do respect his independence from Pelosi and the party on an issue that clearly isn’t popular with Democrats overall or with liberals as a rule.

    Liberals won’t accept you as one of theirs if you support the flag-burning amendment. And since conservatives won’t claim him either, I guess that makes him a moderate.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      So when we’re all dirt poor and a third world country, at least we won’t be burning American flags! Nice work there, Rep. Smith!

      I’m sorry, but I consider the weightier matters of taxes and spending far more important than who gets to burn American flags. Rep. Smith might as well change his name to Rep. Pelosi.

  2. Brandon West Says:

    It’s your blog. Call him what you want. Just take the time to know that Adam advocates free-trade policies that put him squarely at odds with Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic party. Why do you think Fox News has him on their programs so often? Not because he’s a “Pelosi-crat” I can assure you. Don’t get him confused with McDermott.

    Republicans are going to take over the House in a few months, so we’ll get to see if they’ve learned anything while they were in the minority. I’m not so optimistic about the party that trampled on states’ and individuals’ rights by bringing us Terri Schiavo and the Internet Gambling ban.

    If Republicans are able to withstand Steve Forbes’ relentless calls for a flat tax, I’ll be duly impressed.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Adam Smith is for free trade? This is news. Would he be willing to sign a law that would end all tariffs on imported goods?

      If Adam Smith is for free trade, why does he caucus with the democrats? Why did he elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house?

  3. Brandon West Says:

    I can’t read Smith’s thoughts, so I couldn’t tell you whether he’d vote to end all tariffs on imported goods or why he caucuses with Democrats. I’m sure you could contact him and he’d tell you.

    What I can tell you is his record of independence from Pelosi and Obama regarding free trade. Here’s something from Congressman Reichert’s website mentioning Adam’s bi-partisan efforts on the US/South Korea Free Trade Agreement:

    Congressman Smith is also a strong proponent of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Check out the final paragraph in this article:

    Your vote for Muri is your right, but at least get to know the man you’re going to vote against before you toss aside his experience and leadership.

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