Think Corporal Punishment in the Classroom is Bad?


Some have lamented that I prefer to leave the decision of whether to allow corporal punishment in the classroom to the parents and teachers. It’s interesting to note what happens in countries where the schools and parents have no freedom and everything is dictated by the government.

In North Korea, they abuse their children to such a degree it is difficult for me to imagine. All of this to support the worker’s party. (link) If the state didn’t interfere with the teacher-parent-student relationship, then we wouldn’t have things like this in North Korea.

Tell me this, why is it that when government assumes control, things are worse than they were before government interfered? You’d think Dear Leader would care about whether the children in his country are abused. And yet, that is the policy the government has.


2 Responses to “Think Corporal Punishment in the Classroom is Bad?”

  1. demo kid Says:

    Sorry? I thought that the teachers worked for the government…

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