Right to Free Food


I’ve been noticing a trend among the younger generation. It’s the classic confusion of rights versus entitlements.

A real right is something you already have. You don’t have to wait for someone to give it to you, because it’s yours to keep and you can never give it away. These rights include your right to speak, bear arms, live, be free, and own your property. Sure, someone may come along and threaten to do nasty things to you if you exercise your rights, but they can never keep you from doing so. No matter how many laws are passed against owning handguns, for instance, nothing is stopping someone from picking up a handgun and shooting the nearest bad guy.

Then there are the “fake rights”, what I call entitlements. These are things like the right to free food, free health care, free housing, etc… These are not rights at all because you don’t have them naturally. You have to wait for someone to give them to you.

To illustrate, let’s do a simple thought experiment. Let’s suppose congress passes a law tomorrow, that goes into effect immediately, that says everyone has a right to free food. Well, how do they get that food? Doesn’t congress have to take the food away from someone to give it to others to eat? Who prepares the food, or do we just eat raw corn, potatoes, and beef? What happens when there is no more food in the country? Where do you get more food?

It should be obvious that there is no such thing as a “right” to free food, and there can never be. Now, people might talk about setting up a system whereby money is taken from some people and used to feed other people. Granted that this inversion of morality will have deep repercussions (Why work if food is free? Why produce food if food is free?), but more importantly, this relies on depriving someone of something so that someone else can have something else.

We call that theft, whether or not the law agrees. It is fundamentally and morally wrong.

It is also slavery. If you take one group of people and make them work to feed and provide for another group, how is that different when the groups are black slaves and their slave masters, or the taxpayer and the welfare recipient?


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