Is the World on the Brink of World War III?


By: Frosty E Hardison

Well, for two years we’ve been talking about it and hearing about it and even passing sanctions over it. I’m talking of course about Iran and their pursuit of nuclear energy. Well, here’s how it’s likely going to go down:

One day quite soon, Israel is going to grow tired of arms passing from Iran, through Syria and into Lebanon and Gaza. One day the last rocket breaking the proverbial camels back and really ticking off the wrong administration in Israel, will lead to an all out war. Israel will grow tired of having their nation bombarded by rockets with no world remorse for it, especially from the UN, who flipped over a ship running the blockade a few weeks ago. Fed up enough to take out the rockets in Lebanon. This in step brings Syria into the fray and missiles from Syria fly into Israel. The new Israeli missile defenses are great but not good enough for 100% protection. One or two missile(s) get(s) through and kills Israeli citizens. Israel issues an ultimatum to Syria – Cease all military actions against Israel or die. Israel begins moving troops to invade Lebanon, Syria launches another barrage of missiles.

Israel nukes Damascus with a huge neutron bomb. Damascus is GONE. 5 million people are vaporized. Key point here, the bomb is a super bomb. Because Israel had to develop their bomb in secret, there were no tests. The bomb yield is much greater than anyone expected. A neutron bomb several kilo-tons larger than 50 Hiroshima bombs. It is so accurate and devastating that the whole world is alarmed by it. Even the most devout Islamic terrorist is shaken by their spirit in fear of this weapon. Iran is in fear too, as Syria, it’s most important pipeline of weapons to Lebanon and Gaza is no longer a functioning nation – state. Iran, who furnished the Syrian missiles, sees how ineffective missiles are against Israel, as Israel seems to be super naturally protected against everything levied against it. Iran, learning from this, in turn launches missiles into the oil rich states not protected so fiercely, those of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and UAE killing the oil flow to the western world and getting the US, Russia and EU involved at least in some peace negotiations to call off Israel’s “aggression”. Israel will then finish the job they really wanted to with Iran and take out Iran’s known nuclear facilities. I say their known facilities for a reason.

To avoid a larger war, Obama will propose a 7 year peace treaty, one that removes Iran’s influence from Gaza and Lebanon – not hard because the middle man Syria is virtually no longer an acting nation. Somehow this peace includes a deal with the Muslim world somehow granting Israel the ability to build their Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Must be because Iran is the strongest and most radical of Muslim countries and HAD the most terrorist influence. With that militant backing gone, with the radical Imams silenced in Iran for the time being and the Iranian people presumably back in control, the world accepts the fact that Israel should be allowed to build their Temple, especially if it is to bring about God’s Holy presence on earth again, which don’t look now, is in the best interest to everyone on the planet – not just these few.

The world will rejoice but Iran will be humiliated in the eyes of the world, just like Germany was after the armistice. In just a few years, Iran will try to pull a Germany and regain their honor and glory through war again. This time they will have nukes because not all their facilities are known and were not destroyed or not totally destroyed.

Just food for thought.


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