Election Day Today


Today is the day to go vote.

Advice: Don’t vote for any democrats. None of them are good. If they were any good, they would call themselves anything but democrat.

Second piece of advice: On the judicial races, find the person who will rule according to the law and vote for them. This means Justice Sanders and Justice Johnson. On the local races, you can review a good summary here: http://cominus.com/blog/washington-state-judicial-candidates-primary-review-2010/

Final piece of advice: How can you identify a conservative? Because they talk about rights that are real rights, such as the right to life, liberty, and property, not invented rights, such as the right to free food, free medical care, and government pensions. Conservatives will show that they have a conservative record, while liberals may try to sound conservative and refuse to talk about their record.

Be sure to get your ballots in to the election office before 8 PM. This means you can’t mail your ballot today and get it in in time. You have to find a place where you can drop off your ballot.


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