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Preliminary Election Results

August 18, 2010

There are some very interesting results in the races yesterday.

In the senate race, Patty Murray, the incumbent democrat, was only able to get about 46% of the vote. Dino Rossi came in second with 34%. This shows that more people voted against Patty Murray than for her, meaning she is likely to lose in November, provided Rossi can get the voters behind him. (link)

In the house races, it appears like the democrats are going to keep Districts 1 (Jay Inslee), 6 (Norm Dicks), 7 (Jim McDermott). Unfortunately, in Districts 1 and 6, the incumbent got more than 55% of the vote, leaving the challengers with a huge battle ahead. If either 1 or 6 go to the republicans, it will be a huge upset.

District 9, currently held by Adam Smith, drew only 52% of the vote for the incumbent, while the two republican challengers drew 45% of the vote. If Dick Muri can get his act together without offending the Postma supporters, he has a chance at taking the seat.

For the republicans, it appears like Districts 4, 5 and 8 are likely to go to the republicans.

Districts 2 and 3 are in play, and it’s difficult to tell how they will turn out.

If you want to send your money to races that are in play, Districts 2, 3 and 9 are the battleground ones.

In the legislature, I’m only going to cover Districts 27 (Northeast Tacoma) and 30 (Federal Way).

In the 27th District position 1, Ken Nichols, the republican running independent, is almost out. Only a handful of votes separate him between the second place winner, Jake Fey. However, should Ken Nichols pull through, it’s unlikely the democrats who supported Jake Fey are going to get behind Nichols, meaning it’s going to go to Laurie Jenkins. If Jake Fey pulls through, then it will be a race between two democrats.

In the 27th District Position 2, a surprising result has surfaced. The incumbent, Jeannie Darnielle, has done terrible. Pulling in only 54% of the vote, challenger Jon Higley has an opportunity to take the seat with 37%. If you want to see a truly surprising November, send what money you have to Higley and let’s see the democrats scramble to defend a seat they thought was a given.

In the 30th District Senate race, Tracey Eide and Tony Moore are at it. Tony Moore has brought in a healthy result, 47% to Eide’s 53%. He has a chance to take her seat, and with the right support, it’s growing more likely.

For Position 1, Shawn Sullivan pulled in 42% compared to Mark Miloscia’s 58%. Unless something dramatic happen, like the voters in the 30th realizing that Mark Miloscia is no friend of the conservative or pro-life voter, Mark will keep his seat.

For Position 2, Skip Priest’s old seat, it was a 4-way race between republicans against Carol Gregory. Carol Gregory brought in 45% of the vote, meaning that the republicans, if they can bring in all the voters under their banner, will keep the seat. Katrina Asay is likely to be Skip Priest’s successor.

For the judicial races, Jim Johnson, the conservative, constructionalist judge who unfailingly rules fairly and in preservation of the rights of the people, has won. Richard B. Sanders is going to face a run-off this November, meaning it’s unknown how he will fare.

The races have shown that Washington State is trending conservative. It may have once been considered a blue state, but now it is most definitely purple. If Dino Rossi carries the day, we may see the state trend even more red in years to come.

If you’re wondering where to send your time, money and support, I’d suggest the following in priority.

  1. Dino Rossi, senate candidate
  2. Richard Sanders, judicial candidate
  3. John Koster, 2nd District congressional candidate
  4. Jaime Herrerra, 3rd District congressional candidate
  5. Dick Muri, 9th District congressional candidate
  6. Jon Higley, 27th District Position 2 house candidate
  7. Tony Moore, 30th District senate candidate

Otherwise, support those local candidates that need the extra push to win. Jon Higley and Tony Moore would be two local candidates that would benefit the most from your help.

Update: Tom Forbes at Northwest Digest has another good summary of the races. (link)