The Government Con Game


The democrats, and quite a few republicans, in office are playing a con game on us.

A con game involves a few people pulling off the con. These people will play any part, do anything, and say anything to get the con to work.

Then there is the mark—the person they are trying to con.

A good con artist gains the complete confidence of the mark. That’s why it’s called a con.

The con is this. People convince others that government is a force for good and should be entrusted with much more than just protecting the rights of the individual. A whole bunch of marks fall for the fancy language and slick ideas of the con artists, and join in the con.

It doesn’t really matter how many people see through the con if there are enough people being conned. After all, a minority in the United States really doesn’t have control of government.

The only way you can convince the marks that the con man isn’t doing what’s in their best interest is to give them a bird’s eye view of what is happening. If you could show them, for instance, that money went from their pocket to the con artist’s pocket, and they didn’t get anything worthwhile in exchange, then the mark would suddenly become smart about the whole thing.

After all, the best way to avoid a con is to follow the money. Ignore the cards, ignore the shell game, ignore the investments—follow the money!

If the money ends up in the hands of the con artist and you don’t get anything back, then it’s a con.

Gratefully, this congress and president are so confident in their own con game that they are making mistakes to expose the con for what it is. As the people lose their jobs, as our economy goes south, as we endure the Great Recession, government officials are getting fat and rich.

President Obama can take as many vacations as he likes to any place in the world. Congressmen and senators are living the life of the super-rich. Government employees are making a mountain more money than the private sector.

Now, once the mark sees the con for what it is, he can try to join the con, or he can end it once and for all.

If we elect strong conservatives this November who believe government’s only role is to protect individual rights, then we will be calling the con off.

If we look for jobs in the public sector, or keep pretending like the con is real, then we will be joining in the con.

How far can this con go? Atlas Shrugged should give a hint as to what will eventually happening. John Galt isn’t in the United States economy anymore, and we only have our government to blame.


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