Burn a Koran Day


A Church in Gainesville, FL is holding a “Burn a Koran Day” at their church, despite not being allowed a city permit. (link)

Now, I would never burn a Koran. It simply isn’t Christian. Offending an entire group of people doesn’t help spread the Good News that Christ is risen and we all must repent and follow Him. I strongly encourage the church to rethink its mission, which should be to baptize all the nations, and consider whether Christ would burn Korans.

However, I believe that people should be allowed, by the government, to do things like this. I don’t see how we can stop anyone from burning Korans, nor can I see a state or society interest in doing so.

I do believe, however, that making death threats to those who wish to burn Korans is something that we can’t allow. Everyone who makes a death threat against these people should be found out and punished for their crimes. We cannot have a civil society as long as a group of people are willing to kill for anything less than life. That is, we should not kill unless someone’s life is in danger and there is no other way to protect that life. Since the Koran-burners lives are in danger, we are free to exercise our power to kill against those threatening their lives.

Muslims who believe that they have a religious duty to kill those who burn Korans can not integrate with our society. We do not allow people to practice religions that are at odds with the foundations of our liberty. (That’s why you can’t perform human sacrifice even if you do worship the devil.)

Any Muslim who believes killing those who burn Korans is justified should be barred from entering our country on any terms, even diplomatic ones. If it is preached, then the preacher should be imprisoned or removed from our country, and perhaps executed if someone carries out their preachings to their conclusion. We should declare war against such a religion, just as we have declared war on the Nazi political party, which believed killing Jews was a great idea. Put simply, there isn’t room enough in this world for our two religions, our state religion that teaches all men are equal and have unalienable rights to life, liberty and property, and any other religion that denies such.

If you are a Muslim who doesn’t believe killing the Kafir for burning Korans is justified, but believes life, all life, is sacred, then you are compatible with our state religion and should be welcomed with open arms. We welcome all people who love life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


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