On Clint Didier


Clint Didier is now a politician, or at best, a statesman, and not a football player. Things work differently in the political world than in the sports and competitive world.

Winners in politics are not those who are most passionate or even correct about the issues. They are those who can put together the largest groups and unite them with their cause.

In the case of Dino Rossi, we know what his cause is, and we know that he can not only unite republicans from both sides, but also bring in a good chunk of democrats too.

In the case of Clint Didier, either he hasn’t defined his cause well enough or he hasn’t rallied enough people to it. I agree with a lot of what Clint Didier has to say, but he has to convince me that he is the guy who is best to carry the banner, as opposed to the other guys. Clearly, he has failed in that, at least for this go around.

Clint Didier has a choice. He can either continue to divide the conservative cause and try to drive a wedge between him an Dino Rossi, thus giving Patty Murray the election, or he can rally his troops behind Dino Rossi, and take this opportunity to learn how to campaign with someone who is quite good at it.

Unfortunately, Clint Didier isn’t choosing to unite with Dino Rossi, and that is all of our losses.


2 Responses to “On Clint Didier”

  1. Cindy Zapotocky Says:

    Did you read Didier’s statement carefully? You are not being honest here. Didier was very courteous…in private with Rossi –as is customary after a loss–and publicly. Didier’s supporters asked him to deliver a request to Dino, and he evidentally told them to stuff it? It appears to me it is Rossi who is choosing not to unite the party or pro lifers with his side, not Didier.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      What has Dino Rossi do to offend the pro-life movement? He has nothing but support from pro-lifers, and he’s done everything he can for the cause. This is one of the reasons why people are turning a cold shoulder to Didier. His side is throwing out baseless accusations against his closest allies.

      If you want to see a real conservative in office, you have to grow up and realize that politics isn’t a game of what’s ideal, it’s a game of what’s possible. Right now, Dino Rossi has a real chance to win the election, and in Washington DC he has a real chance to be a leader among conservatives. Didier has no hope.

      If Didier cares about abortion, he’ll throw his support behind Dino Rossi as if they have been best friends since before they were born. He would hit the campaign trail as hard as Rossi would, and make sure that everybody who lifted a finger to help Didier is going to do the same to support Rossi. Didier has a real opportunity to show that he understands politics and be a big man about this, but instead, he’s showing how little he is by withholding even an iota of support from Rossi, or submitting a list of demands as if that was something he had the right to do.

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