What a Scientific Debate Looks Like


Marc Morano who runs Climate Depot, an aggregator of skeptical articles on Global Warming, was invited to debate James Cameron, the famous director of Titanic and Avatar, the movie with the blue Indians, not the one with the kung-fu fire breathers.

James Cameron was confident that he could easily refute anything Marc Morano would say, because climate skeptics are “swine” (his words, not mine), and debating pigs should be really easy, right? However, as Marc Morano was flying from D.C. to Aspen, he ducked out of the debate.

In compensation, the climate summit gave Marc Morano 90 minutes to present his arguments and answer questions from the audience.

Except the moderator kept interrupting Morano and the audience was less than receptive to skeptical arguments that Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide are two very different substances. One is a harmless gas and the other is fatal. (link)

The audience also suggested that Marc Morano should go kill himself. I don’t know how to classify this logical fallacy. It goes beyond ad hominem and into a whole other realm. Argumentum ad suicidium? “Your arguments are so weak that rather than refute them, I’ll ask that you commit suicide. Therefore, I am right and you are wrong.”

In the end, arguing with warmists is like an Atheist trying to convert a Catholic Priest. It’s really pointless. Warmists are no more objective about their so-called science than a Catholic Priest is about Catholic doctrine. Except the Catholic Priest isn’t asking you to commit suicide.


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